About The Blue Jean Horse Project

Blue Jean Jumper head.jpg
15 year old equine artist Shya Beth is creating 18 life size equine sculptures representing different breeds/disciplines of horses that will be covered in denim. Each horse starts out as a basic wooden frame and ends as a unique denim sculpture! The sculptures will travel to prestigious shows/events/matches where they will be signed by prominent riders/trainers/course designers/officials. Once all of the sculptures have been signed, there will be one final showing of the sculptures where they will be auctioned off to benefit horse charities on a global scale.
“I have seen so much horrific abuse towards horses across the world, and because of that I want to do as much as I can to help our equines. From the plight of the wild mustangs to the PMU mares, there that millions of horses each year that suffer and die in horrible conditions. I want to help raise awareness and help fund the charities that help horses in these situations.
I think using denim to create these sculptures is not only a unique medium, but also a way that everyone–equestrians or not– can feel connected to this project. Nearly everyone wears jeans, whether they are a pair of NYC designer jeans or a pair of a farmer’s old Levi’s. Everyone can feel a connection to this project, which will ultimately help more horses.”
-Shya Beth
In addition to creating 18 life size equine sculptures, Shya is also creating several films about the sculptures, history of the sport/breed they represent and exclusive interviews with the people that sign them.

Blue Jean Jumper head.jpg

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